The Fascinating Kansai Ningyo Joruri
Awa Puppet Theater

The diverse puppet theaters of Awa

Some troupes preserve and transmit Awa no te, or the unique dynamic puppeteering artistry utilizing larger puppets with a glossy finish. Some pursue more subtle expressions while others work on new plays or collaboration with different music. Awa Puppet Theater stands for a collective of many troupes in diverse styles and settings: from outdoor performances on rural community stages and temporary playhouses, to utilizing fusuma-karakuri, the sequential changes of sliding doors depicting various backdrops.
Awa Jurobe Yashiki Puppet Theater and Museum

Guidance of theater

Performance time
Admission fee
Adult 410yen、High school&College student 300yen、Primary school&Junior high school student 200yen
184 Miyajima Motoura, Kawauchi-cho, Tokushima-shi, Tokushima 771-0114
Awa Jurobe Yashiki Puppet Theater and Museum
The Union of Kansai Governments “Road of Culture” Planning Committee
c/o Kyoto Prefecture Cultural Exchange Division
Shinmachi Nishi-iru, Shimodachiuri-dori,
Kamigyo-ku, Kyoto 602-8570

Meeting for the Nigyo Joruri
Tokushima Prefectural Government Environment and Citizens' Affairs Department
Sports and Culture Bureau Citizens' Culture Division
1-1 Bandai-cho, Tokushima-city, Tokushima Prefecture, 770-8570
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